LARCC offers information sessions for newcomers on the following topics:

  • Careers and employment
  • Education and student financing
  • Language tests
  • And more!

These sessions are presented as public webinars every month, or can be scheduled just for your organization. To sign up for a public webinar, please visit our Events page.






Smart Options: Study, Work, & Succeed Series:

  • Module 1. Academic upgrading, ESL, and financing your studies. Information session for students wishing to continue on to academic upgrading and ESL and to know how they can receive funding or finance their studies (30 mins.)
  • Module 2. Building a career in Canada. Receive information and tips about planning your career and education in Canada. We will provide an overview of short and long-term educational programs in Edmonton, as well other factors to consider when building a career path (60mins.)
  • Module 3. Smart pathways to employment and self-employment. Learn about employment supports and resources, short-term employment training programs, and resources available for aspiring entrepreneurs. (60 mins.)
  • Module 4. Learn about the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) test. Learn about the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) test, how the test is structured, and how to prepare for it (45mins.)
  • Module 5. English and French Tests for Study and Work (Part I and II). In this two-part information session, students learn about various language tests to help them achieve educational and career goals. Part one (45min) describes language tests offered at LARCC, including CLBPT, CLBA, CLB-LPT, ELTPA, and BTC-NCLC. Part two (30min) describes language tests offered at different assessment centres across the country, including IELTS, CELIP, TOEFL, and more. (Total: 75mins.)
  • Module 6. Language requirements for Canadian citizenship. Learn about different ways to meet the language requirements for Canadian citizenship (30 mins) 



 Topics include:

  • Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) info session. Learn about the CLB and how to better prepare for your English test at LARCC (45 mins.)
  • LARCC programs and services. Information session about LARCC (30 mins.)
  • Newcomer literacy. Learn about the definition of literacy, some ways to address literacy issues during language testing and/or in a classroom; and useful resources available (60 mins.) 
  • Supporting clients/students with disabilities. Learn how to recognize different types of disabilities; better support and accommodate people with disabilities during language testing and in a classroom; the existing laws; and discuss some case studies (60 mins)
  • Professional development workshops for English instructors. CLB session: Speaking (3 hours)
  • Professional development workshops for English instructors. CLB session: Writing (3 hours)



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