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The Language Assessment, Referral, and Counselling Centre (LARCC) offers various language and literacy tests for newcomers, referrals to relevant language and skills training programs, educational counselling, and information sessions for newcomers. All of our services are free for permanent residents, convention refugees, and Canadian citizens.


  • Online (CLBPT, CLB-LPT)
  • In person (CLBPT, CLBA, CLB-LPT, ELTPA)

Educational counselling: An in-depth exploration of career and educational goals with an educational counsellor and development of a comprehensive educational plan.

  • Online
  • In person
  • By phone

Information sessions for newcomers: Information sessions for newcomers on various topics relating to careers and employment, education and student financing, language assessments, and more.

  • Online

Presentations for students and professionals: Information sessions for newcomer students on education, employment, language assessments, and community resources in Edmonton OR professional development sessions for LINC/ESL instructors and other service-providing staff.

  • Online







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