Educational Credential Assessment

The Language Assessment, Referral, and Counselling Centre (LARCC) assists newcomers seeking to evaluate their international educational credentials for the purpose of employment, education, or licensure. In 2021, LARCC became a designated referral partner for the World Education Services' (WES) Gateway Program.


About the WES Gateway Program

The WES Gateway Program seeks to further the academic and career goals of eligible individuals who, because of adverse circumstances in their country of education, lack standard proof of academic achievement. 

World Education Services (WES) works with community and institutional partners to serve eligible clients. LARCC is a referral partner of this program and is able to support you in your application for credential evaluation.

Through the Gateway Program, WES can reliably validate and assess the education of individuals displaced by political unrest, conflict, and natural disasters even when verifiable documents are not available. The WES Gateway Program provides eligible participants with a high-quality credential evaluation report that can be accepted and recognized by employers, higher education institutions, and regulatory bodies in Canada. 

A credential evaluation report describes each credential you have earned using standard Canadian education terminology. The report will provide an equivalency statement comparing the credential you earned to a similar credential in Canada.


The program is currently available to eligible individuals who:

  • Possess at least one piece of credible evidence issued by their academic institution 
  • Were educated in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, or Venezuela
  • Are referred to WES by a designated Canadian partner organization, such as LARCC

How to Apply

For more information, or to apply, please contact Teagan de Seguin.

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