Educational Counselling

Educational Counselling

Educational counselling is a free service which allows you to discuss your career and educational goals with a counsellor. Together, you and your counsellor will build an educational plan to put you on a path to success. Counsellors can provide referrals to short-term or long-term training programs, mentorship opportunities, English classes, and more! They can also answer questions about student financing, professional licensing requirements, and language testing.

Educational counselling can be done in person, over the phone, or online. Appointments typically take 30-60 minutes; your appointment can take place immediately after a language test or can be booked for a later date.

Benefits of Educational Counselling

Educational counselling is beneficial for newcomers to Canada who are considering furthering their education in Canada. Whether you want to re-enter a practiced career here in Canada or explore new career options, educational counselling is a great place to start!

Education is a big investment and we want to help you make the most of it.


Educational counselling is available for newcomers who are interested in furthering their education in Canada. You must...

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have completed a language assessement within the past 12 months
  • Be a permanent resident, Convention refugee, or Canadian citizen

Additional resources

For more information about post-secondary education and employment in Alberta, please visit We recommend browsing this website and exploring some career options before your appointment.

Yuko's Story

Yuko moved to Edmonton in 2019, and received permanent residency in July 2021. Her new status opened even more opportunities for Yuko to pursue the career of her dreams. 

A teacher by trade, it was important for Yuko to learn more about how she could re-establish her teaching profession. Yuko did some research and learned about the steps required to have her teaching certificate from Japan recognized in Alberta. But Yuko also wanted to meet with an educational or career counsellor to provide her with further guidance and support. 

Yuko learned about the Language Assessment, Referral, and Counselling Centre (LARCC) of Catholic Social Services online. Yuko decided to come to LARCC to first take a test to learn her English level and then to meet with LARCC’s educational counsellor to discuss her career prospects in Canada. 

After the English test, Yuko was pleased to know that she had achieved a high level of English which in turn offered her a number of career options to consider. Yuko’s educational counsellor was able to provide more information about teacher certification in Alberta and also helped Yuko explore some alternate career paths, such as early childhood educator or educational assistant. Meeting with LARCC’s educational counsellor instilled more confidence and hope in Yuko. Yuko received the information and referrals she needed to start establishing herself professionally in Canada. 

Yuko started the teacher certification process and is currently waiting for her application to be processed by Alberta Education. Yuko was also able to secure a job as a career coach at the Bredin Centre for Career Advancement. In this role, Yuko will be offering help and guidance (similar to that she received at LARCC) to other internationally-educated professionals looking to find employment in their field of expertise. 

Yuko appreciates the help she received from LARCC, and is grateful that her educational counsellor was able to give her the confidence to continue her professional journey in Canada.