Why Hire a Newcomer?

Why Hire A Newcomer?

Skilled immigrants are all around you, and they’re ready for employment. If you find that a potential hire needs some training before hiring – for example if they need to improve their English – there are supports in place like the Canada-Alberta Job Grant that can fund up to two-thirds of training cost, and we can offer English program referrals. 

We advocate for newcomers and encourage the hiring of newcomers:

  • Skilled immigrants give you insight into local ethnic markets. Of the 6.9 million working-age immigrants in Canada, 9.9% lived in Alberta in 2014. In Edmonton, nearly 1 in 4 Canadians are immigrants. Skilled immigrant employees can help you serve these large and growing markets.
  • Skilled immigrants are well educated. Many recent immigrants have a bachelor’s degree (or higher).
  • Skilled immigrants are flexible and adaptable. They have recognized an opportunity for a new life in Canada and seized it. They can do the same for your business.

For more Information

Contact Lisa Zhu at (780) 391-3253 or lisa.zhu@cssalberta.ca.