Why Hire a Newcomer?

Advocate and encourage the hiring of newcomers:

  • Continue Canada's legacy as a land of opportunities for newcomers. Since Confederation in 1867, millions of immigrants have come to Canada to support our country's growth and prosperity.
  • Newcomers bring a breadth of knowledge and experience. Most of newcomers are well educated. As per our statistics, the majority of recent immigrants have a bachelor’s degree (or higher). Newcomers can also offer new and diverse perspectives to exisitng business practices.
  • Newcomers can offer you an insight into local ethnic and other markets. In Edmonton, nearly 1 in 4 residents are immigrants. Many newcomers have access to international networks and resources in their home countries as well as knowledge of international markets.They can help your organization connect with and better understand their audience and serve these large and growing markets. Newcomers can also expand your client base through improved cultural awareness and communication and potentially ensure the organization is the right fit for the local market.
  • Newcomers are flexible and adaptable. They have recognized an opportunity for a new life in Canada and seized it. They can do the same for your business.
  • Newcomers are hard workers. Newcomers often don’t have any Canadian work experience so they have to work harder to prove their skills and abilities to demonstrate their fit with the role.
  • Newcomers will contribute to workplace diversity. Research shows that workplace diversity increases employee morale and causes employees the desire to work more effectively and efficiently.
Skilled newcomers are all around us, and they are ready for employment. If you find that a potential employee may need some training before hiring, for example, to improve English, there are supports in place. While LARCC can help with free English or French language assessments and  educational referral services, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant can fund up to two-thirds of training cost. For more information about available supports, please visit Resources